It’s no mystery that QuickBooks Online can’t hold a candle to its on-premises predecessor when it comes to businesses with complex bookkeeping needs. Forums, social media, and accounting sites are full of questions and complaints. I just want to be able to access my favorite software from anywhere. How difficult is it?

More difficult for hosting providers than you might think to face many challenges with QuickBooks and generally result in the fact that they weren’t intended for cloud-based programs. However, there is demand and many companies are tackling this challenge.

QuickBooks hosting is the way to go. Hosting services allow you to access QuickBooks for Windows from your Mac, a computer running Linux, or even your tablet or phone. The UI isn’t optimized for mobile use, but it still works. The number of hosting providers affiliated with Intuit speaks to the number of companies that consider hosting services to be a valuable option.

But what is QuickBooks Hosting?

If you are operating QuickBooks Desktop, you are downloading the software to your on-premises machine. In other words, this computer is the only way to access the software. Of course, QuickBooks Online can overcome this mobility problem, but it’s not always the best option. Perhaps you have already invested in QuickBooks Desktop and would like to get the most out of your investment. QuickBooks Desktop may have one or two essential characteristics that QBO doesn’t have. Do you require to give up mobility to use your favorite software? Not with the QuickBooks hosting!

Hosting allows you to store your software and data files on a third-party cloud server. This means that you can access your QuickBooks desktop software and all the data it stores from anywhere, whether it’s your home computer, office, or mobile device. With QuickBooks hosting, you can continue to use your favorite software without mobility restrictions.

Top 3 Benefits of QuickBooks Hosting

Access QuickBooks Anywhere

You can access QuickBooks from anywhere. You no longer must worry about being tied to your computer. Do I need to perform an accounting task along the way? There is no problem with QuickBooks hosting, and you can access the software on your smartphone or tablet. Are you using a Mac at home? QuickBooks hosting allows remote access so you can easily view your Windows-based software with the help of a Desktop Hosted in the Cloud from anywhere at any time easily.

Enhanced Collaboration

The mobility provided by QuickBooks hosting is also important for businesses with multiple QuickBooks users. QuickBooks does not have to be installed on multiple devices and users have unlimited access to the software. This allows multiple users to access the software anytime, anywhere.

Keeps Data Safe

What if you lose your laptop or a disaster affects your computer and the important data it stores? It is always important to protect your data and information. QuickBooks hosting has several security measures in place to ensure that only you and you have access to your data.


Hosting QuickBooks with an Intuit authorized service provider such as Apps4rent who can help you to completely virtualize your business and guide you on different migration services to migrate email to office 365 delivers multiple advantages for end-users. These users can enjoy auto-updates and data entry automation, remote access, and multiple user access, making Apps4rent a perfect partner for your hosting service.