The robust world of technology makes it easy to achieve anything you want. Every tool you need is at your fingertips, from creating 2D animated characters to 3D movies. No more do you need to enroll in animation courses. You do not even need to have any animation experience.

With the best beginner animation software like Doratoon, you can create your animated character from scratch. In this post, we provide a comprehensive guide on how to make your own animation character using the Doratoon resources.

Doratoon: No. 1 Platform for Making Animation Characters

Doratoon is the best animation software for creating awesome and highly engaging animated videos. It also has exceptional features that support the creation of animation characters. It was launched in 2015, and over the years, it has garnered over a million active users across over 160 countries.

The platform offers millions of royalty-free animations, templates, background images, props, and more. It offers animated templates designed professionally for different industries, including Marketing, Financials, Business, HR, Information Technology, Hospitality, and more. It has exceptional features that make creating animated characters and videos seamless.

What are the Features of Doratoon?

Doratoon is feature-rich. It has independently developed Artificial Intelligent Drawing and Dubbing, PowerPoint to video conversion, Format Painter, and more. The 2D animation software breaks the limit of traditional video production and offers users the freedom to create without restrictions. Features of the software tool include:

AI Intelligent Drawing

Creating an animated character from scratch is easy with AI Drawing. To make your own animation character, draw a rough sketch of what you want the character to look like. The AI Drawing will predict the image, provide keyframe positions, and smoothen the curves and edges.

With this, you have a clean and precise drawing you can animate. You can choose the perfect color to beautify your character.

Footage Combination & Locking

You can combine various footage styles and lock them with this feature. You can also rearrange the footage to create special effects. With Doratoon, you can achieve a polished look for your premade character and you can customize and own it.

The best animation software lets you import characters, props, and footage through its import/export feature. You can then drag and drop the elements into your template and animate them.

Extensive Library of Premade Characters

You can also customize a premade character from the extensive library available on Doratoon. The free 2D animation software tool has over a thousand pre-made animated characters with over 8,000 facial expressions and actions. You can select a character and choose facial expressions and actions that demonstrate the message you want to communicate.

Advanced Animation Effects & Motion Graphics

Doratoon has several advanced animation effects and motion graphics you can explore to make your own animation character. While they are advanced tools, they are easy to use, even for beginners. Within minutes, you can create your beautiful animated characters with little effort using the exceptional effects and motion graphics available on the platform.

Auto-lip Sync

When you are done creating your animated character, the next step is to introduce it into your animation video. One important element of your video is the audio. After uploading your audio, you must make it sync with the movement of your character’s lips.

Doratoon provides you with the tool to do this. The auto-lip sync lets you blend the audio with the lip movement of your character for a clean and professionally-done video.

Text-to-Speech Conversion

An effective animated video is easy to understand by everyone, irrespective of their location or challenges. Having both audio and text in your video makes it easy for everyone to understand, including those with hearing impairment. You can use this feature in Doratoon to convert the text in your video to speech and vice versa. You can select your preferred voice character based on ethnicity, gender, and age group.

Doratoon has several features that make it the best consideration for anyone looking to make animated characters. Other features include:

  • 100 Million+ stock photos and video clips
  • 10,000+ stock props
  • 10,000+ 2D and 3D background images
  • 1,000+ animated characters with facial expressions.

How to Make Your Animation Character with Doratoon

Although Doratoon is a powerful 2D animation software tool, it is easy to use for everyone. Without any animation experience or skills, you can make your first animated character in minutes using this tool. The simple steps to make your own animation character with Doratoon are enumerated below:

Step 1: Sign up for a free Doratoon account with your valid email address and a unique password.

Step 2: Select a preferred template with an animated character and video design you like. You will find hundreds of options in your selected category.

Step 3: Click the edit button and start customizing the character. You can change the facial expression or actions of the character. You can also draw a new character and animate it using the AI Drawing tool. Incorporate your character into your video and add your content.

Step 4: Preview the character you have created and the video content. Download the video to your computer and share it.

Use Doratoon to Make Animation Character

Doratoon is the best free animation software tool for anyone interested in creating animation without experience. It is easy and free to use. You can also upgrade your package from a free to a paid version with more extensive features at an affordable subscription price.

With Doratoon, you can never run out of animated characters and videos for marketing campaigns and other purposes. It remains the best free animation software you can ever find.