If you are building an AirBnb business, you’ve entered a world of challenge, energy, and surprises. There are a number of skills that are critical to successfully scaling up a new business, and, as an AirBnb business, there are a set of skills that are specific and particular to your role. In this article, we’ll discuss the skills necessary to lead a thriving business into long-term success.

We’ve detailed six skills in this article that will optimize your efforts to build a successful AirBnb business. These aren’t the only usable skills while leading a business within this industry sector; however, they will certainly pave the way for suppliers, homeowners, AirBnb guests, and others who will become part of your world of business.

Before examining the skills for success, take the first step in the creation of the structure for your business. We’ve tried throwing businesses out there without a business plan to see what would happen; believe us when we say those stories don’t have happy endings. A business plan, such as this airbnb business plan pdf offers the outline and specifics that will inform the growth of the business for years to come.

The first skill to develop that will support the success of your AirBnb business is leadership. As an AirBnb leader, you’ll want to employ flexibility, relevant experience, and strategic thinking as part of your leadership. Flexibility is required when plans outside your control change or fail; relevant experience prepares you for what is to come, and strategic thinking will carry you through all of the related actions.

The next skill to acquire is that of artful negotiation. As an Airbnb business owner, the interactions with people will increase with the number of residences, guests in those residences, suppliers, and vendors, and associates within the AirBnb industry. Each relationship brings the need for the skill of artful negotiation. The truth is that most people become entrenched in a position and struggle to release it. When negotiations are required, learn to artfully move the conversation in a direction that will create solutions or partial solutions for all parties. This skill will take practice, but the good news is that it can be successfully employed.

Another skill to acquire is adaptability. Plans may be set in place, then a need for change arrives about 10 minutes later; this is common within the AirBnb business. The best response to change is to be prepared using the skill of adaptability. This may create a need for a fast response, a quick turnaround, or a serious study of the situation. Any change brings the potential to use this skill. Rather than viewing change as problematic; view change as an opportunity to exercise creativity within adaptability. This skill will also take time and experience; however, we advise looking for it in every situation to be fully prepared for it when change happens because it will.

A fourth skill to employ is timely decision-making. This skill is often tied to the ability to adapt. When change occurs in the AirBnb business, it requires decision-making. For example, when a home owned by the business is accidentally flooded while a party of 12 is enjoying a family retreat, you’ll be called upon, as the owner, to provide a solution for the guests. This may mean obtaining hotel rooms or displacing guests into other residences. The ability to make decisions decisively and in a timely manner will build trust with guests, motivate and inspire your staff members and calm the waters to salvage the relationships.

The fifth skill needed to support success is of innovative thinking. While there are standards and guidelines for every step of the way as an AirBnb host, there is always room for innovation and creation in building your AirBnb business. Creative and unique experiences for your guests will lead directly to scaling up the business. Consider local attractions, amenities, room themes, community gatherings, and other sparking ideas. Customer reviews and word-of-mouth will propel your business forward; with the skills you’ve acquired, you’ll be ready for it.

The final skill required to support success in your AirBnb business is diplomacy. The skill of diplomacy isn’t limited to the United Nations Assembly. It is valued in every corner of the business. The skill demonstrates an understanding of the position of others, including your guests, suppliers, neighbors, owners, associates, and, not surprisingly, family members. Exercising patience and a calm demeanor will defuse escalating conversations and bring commonality to the parties involved.

The role of a hotelier, as described in French, is one who extends hospitality. With the skills acquired in the leadership of your AirBnb business, you’ve earned the name, along with the ability to scale up your business and support its success.