If you often deal with meetings for the company’s needs, then it is important to take care of the security and versatility of the platforms you use. Board management software is a peaceful space for meetings and other business-related events. Its advantage is to securely exchange data during meetings and communicate without fear of losing confidential information.

This technologically advanced solution makes it easy to manage meetings without paper-based documentation. In addition, advanced digital technologies show significant benefits over outdated forms.

Advantages of Using Board Portals

For a long time, the old methods of doing business with personal meetings and trips have stepped aside. Instead, more and more company owners tend to conduct them remotely. A big impetus to this was the Covid-19 pandemic and other difficulties, including the global crisis.

The benefits of such activities are obvious even from a material point of view. At least, meetings are now cheaper than face-to-face visits and the preparation of documentation with multiple copies for each member of the meeting.

Here are some of the main benefits that can be highlighted using board portals:

  • cost savings;
  • security;
  • better governance;
  • less time for preparation;
  • more flexible meeting system;
  • more tools at hand;
  • convenient notification system before events;
  • fast interaction with clients; and
  • the ability to choose any location with Internet access.

Most of the clients appreciated the virtual boardroom. In addition, different sites can offer their tariff conditions for different needs of customers. Therefore, a wide selection helps to attract more users.

It is also worth considering that there will be an exchange of documents during the meeting. These theme platforms are convenient because documents can be easily modified, highlighted, and even sent personally to some participants. It is not always possible to have time to make changes to printed documents if they were discovered a couple of minutes before the event.

In-Meeting Activities

In addition to general functions, the following can be distinguished, which will greatly simplify the management process:

  • convenient digital whiteboard viewer;
  • collaboration opportunities;
  • attendance tracker (for some);
  • electronic signatures;
  • archiving functionalities.

All whiteboards support multiple document formats. In addition, security is a prerequisite: checking for viruses inside the system prevents risks of data breaches.

Board Portals Solutions for Your Business

The quality of your meetings depends on your efforts and preparation and the product you use. So, you can easily lose customers by using insecure platforms where the meeting quality will be the best. You may also encounter login problems and other failures that will be inconvenient. Here are some solutions that you can learn more about here https://boardroomworld.net.


Experts in corporate access and law develop this service. The advantages are a single password for a circle of employees, eliminating possible confusion with passwords for employees.

A user-friendly and intuitive interface attracts customers. In a meeting, you can view both documents and presentations while making edits and meeting notes. This board meeting software has its application and a plugin for the ongoing webinar and video conferencing services.


This board is considered the best for annotating meetings, as there is a lot of emphasis on facilitating meetings. You can create separate topic groups for organized discussions. Interactive voting function before the meeting. A reminder function of an upcoming event has been introduced.

The ability to record all meetings is also convenient because sometimes you need to update the data or remember the course of events. In this case, the client can access the digital recording on any device. In addition, rules for viewing records, protocols, or documents can be set in advance, which greatly simplifies the process.


This virtual boardroom is best suited for managing access to claims. You can collaborate on documents using tags and comments. The curation process itself is very convenient because here you can find the following number of functions:

  • document management;
  • agenda setting;
  • data access control;
  • send responses to invitations;
  • the ability to jointly edit the agenda;
  • you can adjust access levels for different employees.


This board is considered the best for integration. Here you can adjust agenda items and set tasks. You can also get information from employees on the board at the moment. Thanks to the “annotation” function, you can make notes in documents. The board portal is compatible with many offerings such as Google, Slack, and others.


This board is well suited for taking minutes. Like the previous solutions, you will interact with a friendly and intuitive interface. You can subscribe for three rates: every month, quarter, or year. There are several features for exploring the schedule, taking polls, or upcoming meetings.

Meetings can be detailed using minutes. You can also assign tasks directly from them. Here you can embed different calendar applications for greater ease of use.

Final Words

The choice of board management software is a key issue for quality meetings. When choosing, you should be guided by the goals of the company, guarantees, conditions for working with the product, as well as the cost of services.