The best way to share your ideas with an audience and make money in the process is by starting a blog. Every individual has a unique reason for starting a blog. The path that you’ll choose to take will be dictated by the choices that you’ll make. All you have to do to succeed in this journey is to get started. Since you are reading this article, you are probably passionate about education. There is huge potential in the education industry. Research studies have shown that there are 74 million students attending school grades in the US only. This doesn’t include other countries together with college students and adults whose priority is learning a wide range of topics.

Defining an educational blog

In the education sector, there are a lot of niches. An educational blog is a platform that focuses on anything ranging from lesson plans to be used at home to the current state of education across the world and online classes. You’ll need to narrow down your focus to discover your target audience.

Some of the popular educational blogs include tips to get good grades in school, lesson plans, tutoring blogs, technology in the education sector, and advice to students to name a few.

Hosting your blog

If you are a tutor, is one of the best places to host your blog. The best part is, it’s free of charge. The platform has been around for more than a decade now. And it is powered by WordPress. It has allowed millions of tutors to start and run their blogs. If you want to host your blog with a paid service, you should consider using Scala Hosting, A2 Hosting, and TMD Hosting. These three services offer great hosting performance at an affordable price.

Establish your niche

Before you start creating content, you need to have a niche. A niche is a section of the market in which you are knowledgeable. It is the ideal place to establish yourself as an authority. Your niche should be large enough with a sizable audience. However, it shouldn’t be too large that you have a hard time standing out.

Name and brand your blog

After finding a niche, you need to find a good name for your blog. You should pick a name that is not only available but also brandable. The best businesses are built on a solid brand foundation. As you develop your brand, you’ll have to pay for research paper at Edubirdie to find time to figure out what you stand for. In college, it’s important to seek help for students to manage their time effectively especially when creating a blog. Clients are always on the lookout for platforms with an attractive brand. You can easily build brand awareness by creating a logo. There are lots of free logo generators online that you can use to make your enterprise unique.

Know your target audience

Knowing the person who’ll be reading your blog will help you figure out the type of content that you need to publish. By understanding your niche, you’ll have an easy time understanding your audience. Apart from knowing the statistics and demographics, you need to go a step further to understand who your target audience is and the problems that they are facing. When you know everything about your target market, you’ll have an easy time figuring out the topics that you should focus on.

Presenting your content

Back in the day, people used to picture a blog in their minds as written content on a web page. However, there are several ways to present your ideas on a blog depending on your field and audience. Some of the best ways to present your content include:

  • Long-lasting articles: You should focus on creating content that will be relevant in the long term. Long-lasting articles are usually long and they focus on a particular topic. A perfect example of a long-lasting article is educational material review. You can review several educational products under your niche that your audience enjoys using. Millions of people across the world cannot find reviews on various educational products online. You can use your content to reach these people.
  • Videos: The video format has exploded in the last few years. While most people think that creating videos is expensive and harder than writing articles, all you need is your smartphone or camera. Creating how-to videos is a great way to get into the world of video creation. Some people love watching videos more than reading text. Creating videos is a skill that gets better with practice.
  • Image content: Creating image-heavy content can be quite appealing since most people expect to read it when they visit a blog. Images can give your audience a sense of what you want to convey. Using images on your blog is important in keeping peoples’ attention since most learners are visual.


Millions of educational blogs are being started every day thanks to rapid technological advancements. For your blog to stand out, you have to be creative, find a niche, understand your target audience, and put in a lot of time and energy. While creating content and running a blog isn’t a walk in the park, it will be rewarding in the long run. You’ll not only help other people prosper but also transform your world.

Author Bio:

Kathy Mercado works as an online tutor with her main audience as students from schools and colleges. She teaches them to write, edit and proofread and communicate effectively to ensure career success. Her free time is for glass painting, meditating, and jogging in the park.