Time for another round of apps that cover the spectrum of your beloved mobile device, be it iPhone, Android or Windows!

The Weekly App Smack is the best of design and productivity apps (and maybe a couple of fun ones, too) for the busy design or engineering professional and this week we have a list sure to make you more efficient.

This week we have a new, streamlined way of organizing all your podcasts on your Windows phone, a quick and easy file transfer solution for Android, a virtual Magic 8 Ball for answering all those tough life questions on iPhone and more…

Have an app suggestion that’s made your life easier or changed up your workflow?

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Hit it!

Urban Engines

“For transit users in the U.S, Canada and Singapore. Support real-time transit info, offline maps (search & routing), x-ray augmented reality, deck of maps for one-touch instant routing…”


Magic 8 Ball Official App

“Need answers fast? The classic Magic 8 Ball novelty toy from Mattel gives you its take on all of your most pressing Yes or No questions! Among the 20 available answers is the definitive, “It is certain,” to the unfortunate, “Don’t count on it,” or the always cryptic, “Ask again later.” This classic game has an answer for everything, from questions about romance, friendships, school or work…”


Clean Master (Speed Booster)

“The World’s Most Trusted Android Optimizer, Speed Booster and Free Anti-Virus app, Clean Master Helps Accelerate and Clean Up Over 400 Million Phones! It Also Provides Real-time Protection With the #1 Antivirus Engine, and Secures Your Private Data With the AppLock Function…”


Send Anywhere (File Transfer)

“Send Anywhere is a multi-platform file sharing service where users can directly share digital content in real time…”


Pocket Casts

“We love podcasts, so we made a podcatcher that is full featured and simple to use…”


Maps for LUMIA

“Maps for LUMIA is one of the most useful and innovative App for finding locations, routes, Maps, finding directions, roads and many more interesting features. It is a perfect travelling guide, now available in your Pocket…”