If your study session is a no-phone zone, then you aren’t using your phone right. Despite popular belief, smartphones can be excellent study tools if you leverage the right apps to boost your learning. You can even hire a professional essay writing service to rewrite an essay online.

From writing notes to organizing homework, there’s an app to solve every student’s problem. Unsure which app to use? The list below will help you get started!


Do phone notifications distract you during your studies? Perhaps planting a tree can help! Forest is a unique app that helps you to stay focused by growing virtual trees. You can either set a timer or use a stopwatch at the start of your study session.

The app then plants a virtual seed that grows with time, as long as you don’t use the phone. Once the set time is over, you can plant the newly grown tree in your virtual forest.

What we love: Along with increasing productivity, Forest plants real trees in partnership with Trees of The Future. You can now focus on your studies and help the Earth, all at the same time.

Available on: Both iOS and Android. However, the iOS version costs $1.99. Android users can download a free version and later purchase Forest Pro.


If mind maps help you study better, then here is an app you’ll love. SimpleMind helps you create mind maps on your phone using drawing tools and virtual resources. You can either use the free form to create a map as per your understanding or use predefined layouts to arrange your ideas. The app also supports various image and video formats so that you can visualize your mind maps easily.

What we love: The app offers amazing flexibility. You can arrange the same mind map in various formats to gain different perspectives through the auto-layout feature. Topic toolbar, parent and child links, cross-links, and more features allow you to create a mind map just the way you like.

Available on: iOS, Android, and Windows. The app has a free version followed by several upgrades starting from $29.99.


MathWay is a great app if you deal with lots of numerical and mathematical problems during your studies. Simply type in the problem, and the app will solve it for you. You can also click or upload images of the problem, and the app will scan them to provide the solution. The app covers all math levels, such as algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and even statistics.

What we love: The paid version displays step-by-step methods on how to solve the given problem. This feature allows you to learn how to solve similar problems without relying on the app for a solution.

Available on: iOS and Android. The app has a free version that displays solutions. The paid version is subscription-based.


For any academic work, collecting resources and manually referencing them is time-consuming. Instead, you can use the RefME app to create a reference list automatically. Scan the barcodes of all the books you are using, or use the web clip feature to copy web links, and the app will create citations for you. The app also gives access to numerous educational resources you can use to improve your academic work and add to the citations.

What we love: RefME supports various referencing styles such as MLA, APA, and Chicago. You can also change the style while exporting the reference list.

Available on: iOS and Android for free.

My Study Life

My Study Life is one of the best study planner apps to organize your classes, exams, and homework. The app lets you add all information to the cloud while still allowing offline data access. You can set reminders, divide the homework into tasks, and plan your schedule around upcoming exams.

What we love: Unlike most planners, the app doesn’t follow a rigid weekly or monthly schedule. You can add rotating schedules or classes that occur once a fortnight without altering the planner every week.

Available on: iOS, Android, and Windows for free.

Dragon Anywhere

Are you tired of writing your notes? Dragon Anywhere is an app that lets you take down the notes through dictation. Open the app and speak into your phone, and the app will write it down for you. The accuracy and speed of Dragon Anywhere are better than regular speech-to-text apps, which is essential for students. You can also add your own frequently used words in the app’s dictionary.

What we love: The app works through simple voice commands such as “undo that” or “new line,” which makes the dictating process much easier. You can even turn off the app by saying, “microphone off.”

Available on: Both iOS and Android. However, the app has a 7-day free trial, after which you can switch to a $14.99 monthly plan or a $149.99 yearly plan.

Make the Most Out of Your Studying

From searching for information to performing calculations, you are already using your smartphone to simplify your academic life. However, you can add more study-friendly features to your phone by installing the above apps.

Whether it is organizing or focusing, these apps provide simple solutions to all your academic problems. Use the ones that suit your requirements and make the most out of your learning sessions.