Yes, yes, you might’ve heard smartphone accessory companies brag about how their wireless chargers are the thinnest in all the land. But, if you find a wireless charger thinner than 0.11 inches, it’s either made from some undiscovered material or an entirely bogus claim.

The environmentally-conscious Xpad universal charger from Australian company PlusUs, however, is actually that—and aims to be just as fancy as it is thin.

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Xpad users can pick from either cork, timber veneer, or Italian leather coverings to lay their phones upon, but the core material of the charger is thermal-insulating cork. This prevents the surface you put your phone upon from turning into a thermal heater while your phone is charging.

As for what’s inside the Xpad, PlusUs reduced the standard coil thickness by 50% of its normal size to make it more portable and efficient. The circuit board was also reduced in size by 70% and is actually separate from the pad, making it produce less heat and allows the charging pad to be a lot thinner.


Charging phones on the Xpad is easy: plop your wireless-chargeable phone onto the pad, find a USB to plug the Xpad in, and off it goes. The pad uses adaptive smart chip tech to determine the highest power transferable to a phone via the charger, so you can charge any phone from any power source, be it a wall socket, PC, or laptop (there’s even an adapter so you can charge your phone while lugging your laptop around). It’s also Qi-compatible, meaning any Qi-enabled device can be charged by the Xpad as well.

The Xpad is currently live on Indiegogo and has netted $7,514 of its $20,000 goal. You can find more on this environment-friendly thin charger on its Indiegogo page.


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