You know those days when you look left, then right, then left again, then tear a massive flashlight from your chest, shining it in your eyes with a scream that makes invisible spheres appear?

That may be the precursor to the augmented reality tech your about to turn you crispy fried eyes upon. It combines viewing virtual object through the screen with detection of physical light upon the object. It’s a thing of beauty and a step closer to the visual interaction of 3D geometry.

String Augmented Reality for Unity3D can detect the natural color values returned from the markers it detects. This data can be used to manipulate your augmented scene in real-time to further enhance realism by making your scene’s overall color matches the actual tone of light color in the real world.

Wow. WOW. You remember String right? They’re the ones who are playing in the arts of 3D AR drawing. Good stuff. Good for you, good for me, good for thinking about while sipping tea. Here’s the video.


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