There’s no denying that the Apple iPad Pro and the Microsoft Surface have become extremely powerful pieces of hardware for pros on the go. That said, while they score high points for portability and ease of use, they’re not necessarily ideal for a typical design professional’s end-to-end workflow that requires a more robust software package.

For those looking for both world-class digital sketching capabilities and the capability to fire up professional design software, the new Wacom MobileStudio Pro just might be one of the best offerings we’ve seen in a minute for professional designers.

Available in six different variations, the MobileStudio Pro starts at an i5 64GB SSD model and goes up to an i7 512GB SSD model. While this isn’t Wacom’s first rodeo when it comes to mobile tablets featuring their pro-preferred digital sketching tech, it is, however, the first time they’ve included a 3D scanner – thanks to an embedded Intel RealSense 3D camera on the back of the tablet in their higher-tier models.

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Says the company:

“Wacom MobileStudio Pro is ready-made for 3D … perfect for product designers, CAD engineers and 3D sculptors who want to capture real world objects to start their creative process.”

For those who want to get up and running immediately, the tablets also include a preloaded 12-month license of Artec Studio 11 Ultimate scanning software for accurate captures.

As to be expected, this level of power and portability comes at a price. Starting at $1,499 for the base model (no 3D RealSense camera), the prices then jump to $2,500 for the 13-inch and $3,000 for the 16-inch, respectively. Find out more over at Wacom.


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