A kinect controlled robot? That’s MASSIVE? YES PLEASE. Vaudeville is a 12 foot, 5 inch robot built by Suidobashi Heavy Industry. The human-piloted mecha style machine rings in at a hefty 5 tons and can be controlled from the cockpit or remotely via smartphone and Kinect. Yes, you may get excited.

Vaudeville Kinetic-Controlled Mecha

Forget for a second that this is a massive piloted robot that can be weaponized and realize that this is a massive piloted robot that was created by a hobbyist – a man in his garage – not the Japanese government, not the US government or any enterprising, military-funded, robo-development group like DARPA. Guy. His Garage. Massive (could-be) weaponized robot.

Vaudeville has the AE “V-Sido”, the control system of the computer technology is watched by all world with interest. Not only operating by boarding the pilot’s seat, but also enabling you to control and interact Vaudeville with Kinect. Moreover, without taking a professional training such as a combat plane, people can operate it easily. Furthermore, you can control Vaudeville via the mobile 3G Internet access.

V-sido is a real-time control system and interface for humanoid to robot interaction developed by Asura Engineering. The current iteration of Vaudeville is slow and a bit clunky, but is the first prototype and really only the beginning. To see what this is destine to become, you must watch the Gaiking Movie Trailer (full screen and full volume.)

A Vaudeville of your very own can be yours via the Suidobashi website once the project is complete (price not available). I smell glorious mecha battle in the near future, and it smells wonderful. Features, images and video below.

Vaudeville Features:

  • Microsoft Kinetic system
  • V-SIDO system for controls
  • Mecha features four legs supported by wheels, allowing both support and ease of movement
  • Controlled by a Smartphone, master-slave control, and the Kinetic sensor bar.
  • Plan to add more features according to the buyer needs such as the group has planned to sell the mech, which can be customized with¬†weaponized water guns, a camo paint job and other luxuries as well.
  • 12 ft 6 in (3.8 meter), 5 Tons (4500 kg)

YouTube video

Source: Suidobashi Heavy industry
Via: www.dvice.com


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