Do you know what a smart lid looks like? Well, you’re about to and it’s likely to blow all your preconceived notions about smart lids out of your pantry drawer.

Varna Tech, a Sprout Labs Company by Boston-based design firm, Sprout Studios, is debuting their answer to your safe storage woes with a simple product that converts the classic and beloved Mason Jar into a VAULT OF GLASS.

The Halo and Halo+ smart lid fit over a standard and wide-mouth Mason Jars to 1) lock 2) protect and 3) provide Bluetooth connectivity for remote locking/unlocking, access permission, content logging, usage history, proximity alerts (and more) for all your valuables/stash/candy/medicine/nuts & bolts.

Halo+ comes with the Halo+ app that allows the Bluetooth connectivity to help you keep track of all your Mason Jar business and the more analog Halo lid has the option to add an accessory loop to add the Halo+ functions if desired.

We created Varna Tech and the Halo line of products to allow users peace of mind when storing their belongings. Whether our users are keeping edible cannabis products out of the hands of their children, monitoring their parents’ and grandparents’ medication intake, or keeping family heirlooms safe our Halo products can help.”

Jordan Nollman, Founder of Sprout Studios

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Grandpa Joe’s gonna just bust open that glass with his dentures!” Ah, not if his dentures are IN THE MASON JAR. But really, if anyone cracks the glass, you’re gonna know, if not by the sound of breaking glass, by Halo’s mobile app alert system. Yep, you’ll know. Grandpa Joe will have a glass cut and the shame of knowing he’s been found out. Put your teeth in, Grandpa. *Womp womp*

Sprout Studios is debuting the Halo and Halo+ out at CES this week (Booth #51334, Eureka Park, Sands Expo Center) with the official product launch coming in Spring 2020 with a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Oh, and if Sprout Studios sounds familiar, you may remember their successful Pakt One travel bag campaign on Indiegogo. The crowdfunding netted nearly $2.1 Million from nearly 7,000 backers.

But that’s not all Sprout Studios does. They work with some of the coolest companies taking on everything from product and branding to digital and strategy. Check them out at and gather up those loose Mason Jars for their upcoming product launch.


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