When it comes to communicating design ideas effectively on paper, sketches that follow the basic principals of perspective are absolutely critical. While modern digital sketching tools including various iPad Pro apps can assist with perspective drawing, training your mind to see perspective in the analog world can be an entirely different beast to tackle.

Aiming to make this bridge easier to cross, the laser cut Vanishing Point Ruler is an all-in-one solution for getting those lines down right the first time.

The way it works is simple: a neodymium magnet embedded in the ruler ‘guide’ is placed on the desired vanishing point (a metal plate is placed underneath the paper). While keeping the ruler steady in one place, the ‘guide’ acts as an anchor to adjust the ruler around the paper while maintaining the same vanishing point throughout the duration of the sketch.


“With this mindset and a passion of my own for perspective and geometric objects, I developed the Vanishing Point Ruler, which allows for quick and precise drawings of any kind,” explains Lukas, creator and architecture student. “It is easy to work with, comes with additional uses and prevents any smudging or tearing of the paper, a problem that usually occurs with similar tools.”

Created from 1mm thin birch plywood and transparent acrylic, the handmade laser cut design is surely one tool you may want to carry with you in your design sketching kit. Get yours for $21 over on Kickstarter.


Simon is a Brooklyn-based industrial designer and Managing Editor of EVD Media. When he finds the time to design, his focus is on helping startups develop branding and design solutions to realize their product design vision. In addition to his work at Nike and various other clients, he is the main reason anything gets done at EvD Media. He once wrestled an Alaskan alligator buzzard to the ground with his bare hands… to rescue Josh.