Earlier this month, we shared a new startup company, vagon, who offers personal, high-performance computers in the cloud. Each isolated virtual machine allows you to run graphics and 3D software on any computer via a browser session. Now, they reached out with details on what they’re doing to support those working around the clock on projects to support the development and manufacturing of personal protective equipment (PPE) for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vagon COVID-19 Support

If you are supporting an open-source COVID-19 project, vagon wants to help you with your computer needs while lockdown and stay-at-home order remain in effect around the world.

Zahid Sagiroglu, Co-founder of vagon, explains that “we’d like to offer our help to any designer who wants to contribute to those projects but have problems accessing a good workstation due to the isolation situation.”

If you need a cloud computer to help with your project, contact vagon directly at info@vagon.io or their website.

Offer for SolidSmack Readers

We’ve also lined up an offer for other SolidSmack readers. It includes a 2-month free storage subscription plus 3 hours of “professional” and 2 hours of “challenger” performance usage so you can work on and render your design. The promo code is limited to 200 people. Simply, use code SOLIDSMACK when you register.

Have a Project With vagon?

If you’re currently working on a COVID-19 project or other design project and using vagon, contact us! We would love to hear about your experience and how it has helped.


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