ponoko rules manufacturingHow many of you have a binder of design ideas lying around? Yeah, me too, and have always been discouraged when I try to get a prototype made or quoted. NOVEdge has put out another interesting interview with the CEO of Ponoko whose new approach to turning out product just may change how and who is able to turn their product ideas into income. Check here to see how it works.

How cool is this?
I have to say, this is really, really incredibly exciting. It’s kind of like the inventors or technical designers version of Etsy. Get your stuff made and sell it – basic, yet phenomenally innovative from a manufacturing perspective. I’m not sure on the depth of the material list, but they are currently using laser cutting technology according to the interview.

Tell me more please
Currently Ponoko is in Beta, but you can sign up to be a beta user and also stay up to date via their blog. I can not wait to try this out. We’ll keep you updated to know how it goes.


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