It’s easy to overlook, but people face an almost unfathomable amount of hazards when working in a garage or workshop. Sharp power tools, heavy machinery—you name it, chances are there’s something dangerous about it. 

Despite these obvious dangers, a surprising amount of injuries are the direct result of improper body positioning when performing tasks that require workers to contort their bodies into weird angles with zero back support. The resulting injuries? You guessed it—back problems.

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The Human Hoist may look like some weird emergency stretcher, but it’s a shop chair made for those who want to get down and dirty with their work without sacrificing their back. Unlike roller seats and creepers you usually see in garages (which many struggle to lie down on repeatedly), Human Hoist starts users off in a sitting position. Once your body is comfortable, activating the knobs on the arms lets you lower your body to the perfect angle under your work.

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The chair is designed with a torsion assist system which allows it to change positions smoothly. Once a user finds the ideal working position, activating the wheel locks keeps the Human Hoist from rolling away or contorting. This way, you can use it as a chair, a stool, or a creeper all without getting off the seat.

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While the most obvious use for the shop chair would be to get to the undercarriage of a vehicle, the Human Hoist has other applications in aerospace and aviation, manufacturing, medical, and maintenance industries—to name a few. 

Take the medical industry, for example. Let’s say a doctor needs to get a patient in an upright position from a stretcher. Instead of trying to gauge where and what his injuries are, the patient can slowly adjust his position using the Human Hoist (provided he can operate it, that is). This not only makes it easier for the patient, but it also lets the doctor get a proper examination of his ward.

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The Human Hoist was the result of 8 years of developing and testing to make a chair which could prevent back injuries and give the seater a comfortable experience while working. Find more on this ingenious update to the common shop chair over at Human Hoist.


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