We all know robots go through rigorous testing before being put on the market, but what if we pushed them just a bit too far?

The guys at Corridor Digital may not be the most experienced robotics engineers, but they do make awesome CGI videos to watch. Using some expert camerawork and special effects, the team shows what could happen should the folks at Boston Dynamics (who are famous for their rigorous robotics tests) push their robots past the breaking point:

YouTube video

In the video, the (completely CG) bot in question is supposedly being developed by “Bosstown Dynamics” for the military and tested under various conditions, abuses, and choices. It’s directive? Obey its human masters no matter how much punishment they put it through. Whether it being jabbed with a hockey stick…

Corridor Digital

Having obstacles thrown in its path…

Corridor Digital

Encountering a full-frontal assault…

Corridor Digital

or, having hornets released on it? Yes.

Corridor Digital

As you can see, the poor robot soldier (let’s call him “George2.0”) gets put through the wringer. Hockey sticks, battering rams, water drums, and a box of angry hornets are just a few of the things being thrown at George2.0. Yet despite all this abuse, the loyal robot carries on shooting its targets without fail.

Corridor Digital

George2.0 even refuses to hurt its abusive human masters! No matter how much he gets hurt, he won’t lift a finger against the obvious enemy and continues running through the elaborate maze of obstacles laid down before him.

Of course, all it takes is a nudge too far before even the most loyal robot snaps under his pressure-resistant programming. It’s best to watch the ending for yourself, but let’s just say even robots can feel affection toward certain other seemingly innocent robots.

You can find more of Corridor Digital’s awesome CGI videos on their YouTube channel. You can also check out their books, podcasts, and more on their webpage.


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