Have you ever sat at your table staring into a pile of peas wondering just how a multi-touch workflow would work? Would it be practical for editing 3D content or video content?

Oblong Industries (creators of G-speak) and supreme futurist John Underkloffer unveiled TAMPER at Sundance Film Fesitval this year as part of the New Frontier exhibition. But check this out. John recently gave a demonstration to Makingof.com showing exactly how it all works. Video after the break. It’s happening with video, why not with 3D CAD?

Editing Video with multi-touch and Gestures

Yes, it’s happening. They’ve managed to make the difficult task look even more difficult, or even easier, or even more aerobic… depends on how you look at it.

Why not with 3D CAD?

So, now you’ve seen the possibilities of how it’s being done with a relatively complicated task like editing video. Sure, there’s now 3-dimensional object, but I’m pretty sure they exist in video also. What’s really interesting from a 3D geometry perspective is how they are working with 2-dimensional graphic data and it’s 3-dimensional counterpart at the same time, in a heads ups environment. The object also serve as a point of control for what the user is creating.

So, why not with 3D CAD? With device like the Flux Digital Tabletop we’re getting awfully close to having to get up out of our seats a little more often. Good-bye atrophy. Hello tendonitis.

Via Making of


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