Things are about to get amazing in this box. That crumby video you currently see streaming online at sites like Youtube will soon be capable of using high definition technology. Social video site Vimeo has introduce High Definition to its onsite video capabilities and Adobe is about to release Flash 9, already in beta, that contains the H.264 Codec that basically allows you to provide very good video and audio at a very low bitrate. Both of these mean you will be able to watch good quality full screen video… Just watch the HD example from Vimeo here.

This is huge
And has a lot of important implications. Not only can people put their own HD content online which will make annoying and lame amateur content not so annoying and less lame, but media companies that produce HD programming will be able to extend what has previously been limited, that being the type and quality of their broadcasts at substantially less cost (bandwidth) to you.

This will also come in handy for sites like Divshare that converts uploaded content to Flash and sites like HomeStarRunner that develop in Flash. Don’t forget advertisement. Yep, High Def advertisement in your face. Sweet. The site that are going to fall by the wayside are those that do not provide or support HD content.

From a CAD Perspective
What if you could convert 3D content to high def on the web? Convert an animation or fly-through to high-def video and upload it. What if you wanted to start hosting training classes, presentations or any type of recorded content online? This is going to make it that much more possible.

I’ve been watching content online since it’s been available. First through Azurus, then Joost, and the last two season of some NBC programs. I imagine you have too, what do you think?

Source: Kottke, Techcrunch


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