They say the best way to learn how to do something is to just do it, but in the case of power tools, this isn’t always the case. Being handed a chainsaw when you’re a complete novice can be a daunting (not to mention dangerous) task, so it helps to have someone with prior experience show you the ropes.

But what happens if you don’t have a power tool expert close by?

This is what STIHL Training VR is for.

Created by power tool company STIHL, this free VR program was made to teach new power tool users the basics of operating high-powered and potentially lethal machines, all without the dangers that come with handling them.

STIHL training vr
STIHL training vr

Once you put on your VR headset and access the website, you’ll be transported to a virtual hardware store with a number of interactive power tools on the racks. There are currently only a number of chainsaws and lawnmowers on hand, but upon choosing your weapon… er, I mean tool of choice, you get transported to either a testing lab or a forest where you can “test” the power tools yourself using your VR controllers.

If swinging at empty air with a couple of sticks seems too unrealistic, the guys at Kuvalda were able to get their hands on a chainsaw VR controller which further immerses you in the experience. It doesn’t quite have the kickback or weight of a real chainsaw, nor does it reek of gasoline, but this is probably as close as you can get to the real thing while being as safe as possible.

STIHL training vr

Apart from teaching you how to use power tools, STIHL Training VR also lets you get in close and see what’s inside them. This doesn’t just come in handy for when you want to sound smart during a conversation with your neighbors, but it also helps you maintain and change the individual parts of your tools whenever they need repairs.

You can try the STIHL Training VR experience right now on the official webpage, hopefully before you get your hands on a real chainsaw.


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