With streaming sites, listening to music off your phone, and noise canceling headphones it’s easy to forget music can be a shared experience. And no, that one guy on the train playing music on his phone without headphones doesn’t count. Sticky Sounds, by London Lazerson, wants to bring people together under the power of music once again with their portable speaker. What makes this one so different when Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen? This one boasts being waterproof, resilient, and mountable to just about anything.

Sticky Sounds are both lightweight and portable.

The unusual, pyramid shape is part of what makes the speaker so strong and able to hold up even under extreme pressure. The site displays the speaker underneath a car tire to demonstrate just how much of that pressure it’s able to handle. The outside is made out of a poly-Carbonate ABS blend, which helps keeps it rigid, but gives it a bit of flexibility. This also apparently makes the speaker shatter resistant.

Sticky Sounds uses GoPro mounts giving you the ability to stick it just about anywhere.

If you want to chill poolside with some music you won’t have to worry too much about protecting Sticky Sound from the water- it features a rubber clamped seal that makes the IPX6 water resistant as well as an emergency flotation system, which is handy as a redundancy. If the speaker does fall in water you shouldn’t have to worry about it sinking to the bottom before you can grab it.

Take your music anywhere, even on the open water.

Like most portable speakers, Sticky Sounds is compact- it stands 40mm tall and will easily fit in your bag. As for the sound itself, it has 4 Ohm speakers with 80db, groundplane 300hz and a hollow point reverberating capacity to easily amplify sound. It also features a 3.2 Bluetooth with a range of 50 feet, a Micro SD card slot, and Micro USB charging port. The battery life is pretty solid with 3.3Wh battery giving you roughly eight hours of playback, whether streaming from Pandora or playing music stored on your device.

Sticky Sounds can handle the riggers of outdoor life.

As for the mounting, London Lazerson shows Sticky Sounds being mounted on various surfaces: the shower, handlebars, a kayak etc. It uses GoPro buckles and adhesive mounts for convince- if you already have a GoPro adapter, the speaker will connect to it with the prong adapter. With more people choosing biking for their transportation, this speaker seems to be a better option than using headphones or blasting music from your iPhone.

Water is no issue for Sticky Sounds and can even float while you swim.

For such capability, you’d expect Sticky Sounds to run well into the hundreds of dollars but you’d be wrong as London lists them on Kickstarter for just $39 or $59, depending on when you get in on the Early Bird pricing. If you don’t snag one on Kickstarter, you may still be able to get one from the Sticky Sounds website in the near future.


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