Wouldn’t you just love to put a giant metal contraption on your hand and touch the stuff in your computer screen. Get ready to feel the warm buzz of the pixels against your skin with this very large 3D glove.

Fellow blogger Ben Eadie of SolidMentor.com sent me a link to this story.

3d glove

The software creates 3D images that you can interact with via the glove. It sad and a bit odd though that this is not being thought of in regard to 3D design. Seriously, forget grabbing someone’s hand and going on a virtual walk on the beach. Of course, it would be much more practical to apply it to something that uses 3d geometry, but hey, if you put the two together you can strangle the guy you’re working on that model with for starting a sketch on the wrong plane.

This isn’t all new though. In 2003 Dassault Systems, that owns SolidWorks and Catia, teamed up with Immersion Corp. with their VirtualHand software and added the CyberGlove in 2005. It’s interesting and probably a little fun to use, but man is that glove gonna smell funky after a few days of modeling while eating pizza.

immersion virtualhand

source: Gizmodo


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