Wearable tech is slowly seeping into every aspect of our lives, so it comes as no surprise that the motorcycle helmet will be one of them. Claimed to be one of the first helmets with a digital head-up display, the Skully P-1’s story stems from a personal incident from the creator’s life. Yep, it has an accident and drama for a good measure. See the demo video below.


With a mission to improve safety and more connectivity whilst riding, the high-tech helmet also features an integrated rearview camera. Hosting a one-inch screen at the right-hand edge of the rider’s field of vision, a biker gets a live feed of the areas beyond the peripheral vision thanks to the 180-degree rear-facing camera. In essence the tech helps in eliminating blind spots and broadcast turn-by-turn directions when paired with a Smartphone. More power to you riders.


Although not really required, because it can be distractive, the system can also read back text messages for the rider and answer calls. Featuring augmented reality, the Skully Synapse HUD integrated into the helmet visor makes the display float about 20 feet in front of the rider’s vision. The operating system integrated is Android and syncing with a Smartphone allows you to cruise with music or listening to directions via Android or iOS platforms.


Design-wise the helmet has all the elements of a good make – tricomposite shell, adjustable ventilation, lightweight, aerodynamic, 3D laser-cut foam for a comfortable fit, anti-fog, scratch and glare face shield and a quick release chin strap and visor. The battery life for the HUD is 9-hours and can be recharged via micro USB. The sat-nav comes in two versions – a fully detailed guide and a basic version. To sum it up we really look forward to the Skully P-1 and take it for a test ride.




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