Despite advances in the field of helmets and head protection, few safety gear companies give as much attention to another critical part of the body for getting work done: the hands. Sure—your head is the brains of the outfit (literally), but without fully-functional digits, getting manual work done is next to impossible.

While many gloves are designed to protect your hands from accidental burns and cuts, Schmitz Mittz gloves protect your hands from threats that aim to cause damage from the get-go; knife slashes, crushing machinery, and even bullets.

Schmitz Mittz Glove Schmitz Mittz Glove

Their strongest variant, the Ulta-Mittz Water Proof Safety Gloves, are made for industrial workers who seem to enjoy getting into fights just as much as they love their job.

Schmitz Mittz Glove

The outer layer of the gloves are made from Armortex Kevlar and are water, chemical, and fluid-resistant. Apart from keeping liquids out, it also has a cut-resistant level 3 outer shell and is abrasion and puncture resistant to protect your hands from accidental (and sometimes intentional) encounters with blades.

Schmitz Mittz Glove

This is usually more than enough protection for “normal” dangerous work conditions, but Schmitz Mittz went overboard by adding an extra level 5 cut resistant AND waterproof inner layer.

Schmitz Mittz Glove

Since they couldn’t add much to the inner without sacrificing comfort and mobility, they added carbon fiber protection to the knuckles, wrist, thumb, and fingers of the gloves on the outside instead. Add this to the double Kevlar stitching, and you have a pair of protective gloves which can keep your mitts cozy while being burned with a blowtorch.

Schmitz Mittz Glove

All Schmitz Mittz gloves are hand-tested to make sure each pair is waterproof and protects the user from diseases by way of a liquid seal test (don’t ask us who volunteers to be the tester). After this, they’re put through various hazardous situations to ensure they meet the company’s high-quality standards.

The gloves will set you back USD 79.95—but that’s a heck of a lot better alternative than not having a working hand. More details can be found on the Schmitz Mittz webpage.


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