Just look at the size of it! If you thought that you were slowly burning your eyesight away with your normal laptop monitor, the folks over at Samsung have introduced a product that leaves you with nowhere to look other than a QLED screen.

Set to release the coming week of July 10th, the whopping 49-inch, 32:9 aspect ratio monitor gently curves around you to evenly bake your face with a billion rays of pixelated light. But if you think a gigantic screen is better off in a movie theater, this baby was specifically… what? “Designed for gamers”? Really? Pshh. Like engineers and designers can’t handle this much screen. We’ll take two, STACKED ON TOP OF EACH OTHER.

The Samsung Quantum Dot Technology, High Dynamic Range (HDR) support, and 20-step equalizer all blend together in the CHG90 QLED Monitor to provide you with better contrast and richer detail than previous monitors to show you just how your skin will never be as perfect as a fictional video game character. But just think how good that 3D geometry will look.

Static imagery is nice, but the beauty of this monitor comes in the ability you have to control the experience. It has AMD Radeon FreeSync 2 support, a 1ms motion picture response time (MPRT), and an adjustable 144Hz screen refresh rate, making the rapid movements of fast paced games like Overwatch (and the rapid movements of your large assembly) don’t deter the monitor from delivering smooth graphics.

In addition to an eye-saver mode (like the BenQ 32″ monitor we’ve reviewed), the monitor can be customized by you–the guy who had $1,500 USD to spend on a monitor. Be it a First-Person Shooter or RPG (or a 28-sheet drawing), this big ass monitor allows you to optimize settings for genre of game. But if that isn’t enough, you can manually configure your screen settings via an OSD dashboard.

It does more than play games, however! In the off-chance you would like to work while pretending to pay attention during a video conference call, the CHG90 is equivalent to two 16:9 monitors, letting you to multitask games, conferences, spreadsheets, drawings until you have so many windows open you’re getting absolutely nothing done.

Along with this, it has a fully-adjustable stand with swivel, tilt and height adjustment to change with your slowly hunching back. The only thing that may be missing is Admiral Akbar yelling over an intercom and flashing lights–oh wait, it has “audio-aligned Arena Lighting” on the backside that adjusts with the games sound. Well there ya go.

If you have the money to spare and want to know more, go ahead and check out Samsung’s official pre-order page for this monster monitor. Though your wallet may regret it, your eyeballs sure won’t!


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