The one notebook you’ll ever need- Rocketbook’s Everlast. At least that’s the claim from the makers of the highly successful Wave: Cloud Connected Microwavable Notebook and The One, a single-use cloud-connected paper tablet. What do all three have in common? The ability to write on paper, using pen and upload those writings and doodles digitally to your cloud service of choice almost instantly by taking a photo using the Rocketbook app.

The differences end there, of course. In The One’s case, it’s a one-use smart notebook you can write/doodle on using your writing implement of choice. It features dot-grid paper for making drawing easier and a printed QR code for automatic image upload to the cloud. Several printed icons allow you to select your service of choice (by marking them), whether it be Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, Box OneNote, Slack, iCloud or email. Rockebook’s Wave offers the same features, but the pages can be erased by heating the notebook in a microwave. This version can only be used with Pilot FriXion pens loaded with ‘thermochromic’ ink, which turns invisible when heat is applied.

everlast notebook

Building on the Wave, the Everlast notebook features the same functionality as its predecessors, including QR codes and the ability to send your images to the cloud app of your choice, however instead of microwaving the notebook to erase images and text; you simply wipe it down with a damp towel. Instead of the acid-free fine-grain paper found in the others, the Everlast uses a waterproof ‘synthetic poly blend’ parchment, making it easy to wipe away the ink from FriXion pens- yes you still need to pair this notebook with Pilot’s thermochromic pens.

everlast notebook

Using the Rocketbook app is simple and easy to use, after capturing your image, the app processes the image, crops it to (specified size) and enhances it for a clean and clear reproduction. The image is then automatically filed and organized in the cloud, making it easy to find and share with others in the social section of the app.

While the Everlast is a great smart notebook and is certainly affordable ($34), it isn’t without its drawbacks. Left-handed people might find they smudge their writing as the FriXion ink takes several seconds to bond and dry on the paper and it tends to leave ghost images if you leave the ink on for more than several months without erasing. Regardless, it’s an affordable alternative to other more expensive smart-books on the market such Moleskin’s NoteBook and SmartTech’s NoteBook Express.


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