japanese-hurdlejump.jpgYep, faster than blindfolded Japanese hurdle jumpers for sure. You may think your 8GB flash memory thumbdrive is all that. Sure, it’s tiny and cute and degrades slowly over time, but how about some memory that will store and access information over 100 times faster and not degrade?

IBM’s Racetrack memory has been buzzing around for about a year now, but some events last week broke the research barriers that could have this tempting your zombie tech-consumers lusts within the next ten years.

Knocking Down the Walls
To totally geek out on you, IBM has been able to dance gingerly around the inconsistencies in the crystalline structure of magnetic nano-wires to allow magnetic domains to read/write data unhindered. Fascinating. This means some fast data accessin’ power son. An explanatory video? Sure, see below.

Faster Load Times For 3D CAD?
You all know load 3D data can take an eternity sometimes. If it’s not the network, it’s the size of the model. If it’s not the model, its your fist in the computer screen. Its hard to even comprehend not having to wait for load times huh? Since no load times leads to more free time, models and data will become so complex and realistic that there will still be load times. Here’s that video.

Via TimesOnline


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