Puzzle Piece Co-founder Andrea Macken is quite passionate about her cause of supporting families affected by Autism. The Puzzle Piece is a dedicated Android Tablet with a 7″ screen and hosts 10 exclusive Autism apps per month that can be used as teaching aids for the autistic person.

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The affordable technology used to construct the tablet cuts no corners. For example, the battery life for this budget-player is an impressive 4-5 hours of learning and playtime. Designed to be as interactive as possible, the tablets hosts front and rear facing cameras. This allows you to video chat with Android apps like Skype and Google Hangouts that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.


Since the device is pre-loaded with Android, you can expect the latest version of Android installed. This allows you to get started right away. Memory-size is a little restricted at 4 GB, however since only the essentials are required, there is enough space to store all favorite apps. In case you need more space then the memory card expansion slot comes handy.

In short if you become a member of Puzzle Pieces, you get a 7″ Android tablet for $19 and 10 exclusive Autism apps per month for an additional $19 per month. To keep the deal as practical as possible, there are no contracts, so you can cancel your subscription at anytime. The apps include five social stories and five ad-free games every month.

Moreover, if you have any questions about autism or behaviors or how to make the most of this months apps, then Puzzle Piece Co-founder Andrea Macken, M.A., BCBA hosts Live Online Presentations Mondays and Wednesdays. This facility is available to subscribers. So far 1459 tablets have been sold.