Can you even imagine? No OS? No compatibility issues with this system or that system. Pure 3D CAD applications delivered to your screen regardless of what you ‘boot up’ at your desk, or on the road, or on the plane? Could it happen?

While visiting SolidWorks, Jon Hirshtick addressed a question about SolidWorks on a Mac or other OS. A lot of use want to see support for other operating system right? Well, he had some interesting comments, but first, what do you say? Will the OS As We Know It Go Away?

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Jon Hirschtick on the future of the OS

In reply to a question about SolidWorks support for Mac OS X, Jon Hirschtick made the comment (my wording) – The OS is going to become less important over the years… Google doesn’t have a slide in their presentations labeled Mac OS X support. – What does that make you think?

If you consider the technology being developed, like Adobe AIR apps that uses Web architecture that runs outside the browser, or the news about Google’s future Chrome OS, it’s easy to think the ‘Operating System’ won’t be the sole force which allows a 3D CAD app, or any app, to run. In fact it may very well be the OS that is hindering apps from running optimally – Throwin’ it out there anyway.

With GPU’s taking over more graphical processing and Flash drives getting smaller with the ability to run applications, it’s feasible that even the hardware won’t have to support what we now know as the OS. Does that work for you?


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