42inch-wow.jpgPhilips has taken the idea of 3D displays, shaken it vigorously, added some marketing genius and have turned out a display that requires no glasses to see 3D content. Philips has been developing these for a while with the 42″ version being introduced in March 2006. Find out more here.

Now they’ve taken one of the 42″ displays and put it on a wall with eight others to get a mega-huge, mega-cool 132″ barricade of 3D goodness called the WOWzone. The news was just announced at the IFA Berlin show.


Your gonna need all that gold flyin’ outta that screen, cause the 20″ display is priced at $5700 and the 42” is about $12,000. We’re trying to get our hands on a 20″ demo set to try out and see how the display and the OpenGL controller works with programs like SolidWorks.

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Source PhysOrg


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