optimus-maximus-keyboard.jpgThere’s this stylish new keyboard that’s been floating around the sphere of tech-hungry computer users. One with programmable keys. Oh, and each key is a separate full-color OLED display.

If you frequent tech blogs, you’ve probably seen this or a video. It’s certainly cool, but also makes one think of how antiquated a keyboard seems with the touch sensitive stuff that’s out. However, it does redefine the possibilities of what the keyboard can be.

Worth $462.27?
*Laugh* Still, it’s kinda cool and may have some applications but I remain stomping my feet for more. I’d like to see something that uses the touch interface and that doesn’t stop working when a co-worker spills his afternoon smoothie on it. Something like their Tactus Concept. Now that’s some style.

You can find out more at the ArtLebdev site.




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