bug_logo_whiteback_sm.jpgYou know that open-source software like Apache or OpenOffice that actually makes it possible for you to do things on your own? Some bright guys applied that to hardware and have developed BUG, an open source, web-enabled, modular software + hardware platform. Sound cool? Here’s what they have to say.

Bug Labs is a new kind of technology company, enabling a new generation of engineers to tap their creativity and build any type of device they want, without having to solder, learn solid state electronics, or go to China.

Open-Source Hardware?
At first I thought this was a kooky idea with not a whole lot of possibilities, but think of some gadgets you’ve had ideas for, but didn’t know how or what you would need to put it together. This can make it possible. I have no idea what goes into something to create a speed-plotting-video-amplification device, but with BUG I can take a few modules a turn it into a fully-optimized web-based piece of hardware. From a tech side, that’s cool. It pretty much pummels Radio Shack into the ground.

Here’s a photo and video that explains the inspiration behind the madness.



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