If you’ve ever wondered what miniature technology gnome is responsible for the delay you experience when writing on your Amazon Kindle or other E Ink device, it’s due mainly to the slow TFT backplates behind the screen that register the pressure points from your stylus. Transforming pressure data into something you can see on-screen may only take a few milliseconds, but even this small amount of time results in a lag that, let’s be honest—your eyes can definitely see.

E Ink, the leader in digital black-and-white displays including Amazon Kindle devices, aims to solve this slight annoyance with their all-new JustWrite technology. Unlike most tablets which use the TFT as mentioned above behind the backplates, JustWrite removes all latency by using a low power stylus to drive the drawing process.

justwrite film

The screen itself is entirely plastic, making it light, bendable, and easy to remove should you need to change it. While it does require a small bit of horsepower to erase any previous scribbles, the display is reflective and doesn’t have a backlight (which in many cases can be strenuous on the eyes). The JustWrite is also digitizer-compatible, though operating the screen with a simple stylus works just fine.

justwrite film

JustWrite film allows it to be fitted into any shape—even one with holes should a designer want to experiment with something non-traditional. As long as it fits within the confines of 3 feet (more than enough for a digital blackboard), you can slap on the film and write just as you would with any pen, pencil, marker, or even a piece of chalk.

No word yet on when the film will be released to the public, but expect it to release sometime in 2019.


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