When it comes to sketchbooks, most people have a tried and true formula that ranges from specific binding styles and paper types to stacks of whichever recycled paper is available stapled together. Considering that some of the world’s most revolutionary ideas were sketched on the back of a soggy napkin over pints, there’s reason enough to believe that the best sketchbook is whichever is easiest for you to have around.

For those who are looking for a more robust sketchbook offering, Moleskine’s new PRO Collection aims to not only provide users with the generic sketchbook – but nearly a full-fledged portable office, too.

Aiming to find the fine line between creativity and productivity, the new PRO Collection takes everything that’s already great about Moleskine sketchbooks and adds another layer of organization and functionality – such as the inclusion of the company’s new Moleskine Tool Belt for carrying around various sketching tools and even your smartphone – as well as a sturdier back to allow for more stable sketching or note-taking without the need for a table surface.


Additionally, the company has also somehow managed to expand their signature envelope at the back of each of their sketchbooks – which is designed for holding handouts or other loose items – to six individual pockets.


Needless to say, the new PRO Collection certainly isn’t for those who go through pages quickly and carelessly – but those six pockets just might come in handy for all of those loose napkin sketches.

Find out more over at Moleskine.


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