Think about this. A vest that allows you to receive a massage AND acts as a device to manipulate video game play, or in our case, 3D geometry. Are you feelin’ it!?

Well, before you get excited and tell your friends to cozy up behind you, think about this… are they certified to be developing products via the tight knots in your lower spinal region. hmm, I think not. Nevertheless, they can thanks to some creative Austrians from the University of Art and Industrial Design Linz.

The concept is called Massage Me and if you can’t wait for it to hit the stores, you can go DIY or host your own design massage par-tay. YES.

Playing Massage me requires two people, one who wears the jacket to receive the massage and one who massages the person wearing the jacket. Soft flexible buttons are embedded in back of the jacket so that wearing it turns your back into a gamepad. All you need to do is to sit or lay down in front of a video game player and you will be able to enjoy a back massage while the game lasts.

If the game doesn’t last, the person receiving the massage is left with terrible muscle spasm the likes of which has never been documented… They left that part out. This is like a Nintendo power glove concept gone horribly, horribly wrong. Prepare your mind to be gently kneaded by the possibilities…

I could actually use one of these about right now, but the most I’d get from people in my office are strange looks and possibly a steel thermos thrown at me. Whatcha think? The wrong direction to go for 3D controllers?

Via The Kartel. Images via Massage Me


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