dual-screen-laptopI’m telling ya, you wake up one morning and screens are just sliding out all over the place. Soon they’ll be yelling, ‘touch me!’, ‘no, touch me!’ – but for now look what Lenovo is sliding out to the masses January 5th at CES.

The Lenovo W700ds. A laptop with a slide-out secondary screen. Magnificent, don’t ya think? Kinda malignant tumor looking, but with the specs this thing has, you could run a little 3D modeling, a little video editing and more. Check it out.

Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds (“ds” for Dual-Screen) Specs
17″ primary screen
10.6″ secondary WXGA screen (768px by 1280px)
2.26GHz Quad-core Intel Core 2 processor
Nvidia Quadro FX 3700
Up to 8GB of DDR3 memory
2 solid-state 480GB hard-drives (RAID capable)
Runs XP, Vista and will support Windows 7
Weight: 11 lbs
Price: starting at $3,600

Dual Screen for CAD
Do you use Dual Screen mode. SolidWorks picked up support for it with 2009, Rhino in 4.0 – a lot of users were demanding it, but how do you actually use it? For toolbars? documents? To me it almost makes more sense to have the keyboard slide out instead and have two full-sized screens. Soon enough I imagine. Before long, the keyboards will go away and virtual keyboards will be part of a secondary touchscreen OLED display. You know it’s true. Here’s some nice pics.


Via Dvice, Images via Eweek


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