Just in time for Autodesk University this week in Las Vegas, Lenovo announced some welcome new additions to their ThinkStation and ThinkPad product line. In particular, an exciting new mobile workstation offering for 3D professionals on-the-go.

The ThinkStation P520 and P250c are desktops for designers, architects, and 3D professionals, while the ThinkPad P52s is the company’s thinnest, lightest and, yes folks, now QUAD-CORE mobile workstation.

ThinkStation P520 and P520C

Starting with the desktop workstation, both the P520 and P520c feature Intel Xeon W processors—each of which holds up to 18 cores with speeds of up to 4.5GHz running Windows 10 Pro OS.

The P520, the more powerful machine, holds up to two NVIDIA Quadro 6000 graphics cards, memory of up to 256GB.up to eight drives and four internal storage bays.

The P520c, on the other hand, is for those who desire a more compact, less expansive option, but a good amount of core count, memory and clock-speed. It can hold the NVIDIA Quadro 5000 graphics card, has a memory of up to 128GB, and holds up to six drives and two internal storage bays. Though pricing isn’t available yet, the 520c is more entry/mid-level for CAD professionals, so those interested might find this smaller-but-still-mighty workstation more appealing.

Finally, the ThinkPad P52s laptop carries an 8th generation Intel core processor and runs on Windows 10 Pro. Again—the thinnest workstation ever created by the reputable hardware company.

“This new, thin and light ThinkPad will benefit any professional that constantly finds themselves on the go – offering raw Intel Core processing and the brand new NVIDIA Quadro P500 graphics, which means fast, on-screen interactivity with dense datasets, simulations, and 2D image manipulation and painting,” says the company. “Whether you’re collaborating in the office, on a job site or with visiting customers, this powerful and lightweight mobile workstation can run CAD applications all day long – offering the fastest, mobile processors and PCIe NVMe up to 1TB.”

All the computers feature the Lenovo Performance Tuner (LPT), which lets users fine-tune application usage to speed up specific programs they need. This includes application priority, power management, graphics, management, resource monitoring, among other options. A major plus in all of the new designs is the ability to access files using the 32GB memory before being saved on its more robust 2TB HDD storage.

If ever the computers conk out, Lenovo has included a workstation diagnostics tool which can be downloaded onto the desktop or phone which helps troubleshoot the problem. In case the computer itself won’t turn on, the phone app allows the workstation to communicate the problems to the mobile device.

Complete specs sheets for the new lineup can be found over on Lenovo’s website: ThinkStation P520, ThinkStation P520c, and ThinkPad P52s


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