The reality of sending your digital memories into a drilled hole on the moon might sound a little far-fetched for the common man, but in an age where blender-cooler hybrids are bringing in eight figures in crowdfunding dollars on Kickstarter, this sci-fi concept might not be too far of a reach in 2014.

If the founders behind the LUNAR MISSION ONE have their way, those bound by gravity may have the opportunity to send a digital archive of any files they want (scans of your copy machine antics at last year’s office holiday party?) all for £60 (or roughly $94 USD).

While the execution will most certainly be among the most difficult of any crowdfunding project ever conceived, the premise is simple: backers who fork over the £60 will be reserving themselves a Digital Memory Box that will be drilled into the Moon’s surface:

“Think of it like an iPod or memory stick: into your memory box, you will be able to upload whatever digital information you want: a personal message, a photo, a family tree, a poem, a video, your favourite song…the choice is yours!”

The goal is to sell millions of individual memory boxes that will be buried into the moon as a sort of ‘time-capsule’. For those who want to put themselves even further out there, there is even an option to include a strand of your own hair.


Since the project creators at Lunar Missions Ltd. are already planning to dig multiple holes in an effort to better understand the geological composition of the moon, the act of filling the holes with data from earthlings could potentially raise them millions of dollars for their expedition before it is set to launch in 2024…assuming all goes to plan. According to crowdfunding analytics tool Kicktraq, the team is expected to pull in at least £2,565,090 with an original goal of £600,000.

With the recent excitement centered around the recent Rosetta mission, the team couldn’t have picked a better time to launch the campaign, either:

“The Rosetta mission has opened the way for a new era of pioneering space exploration and demonstrates the public appetite to engage with the secrets of the solar system.”

As space exploration moves further out of the public sector and into the private sector…with eccentric billionaires such as Richard Branson and Elon Musk leading the way, it makes sense that the next natural step in getting projects lifted off the ground would come from crowdfunded projects like this one.


“Governments are finding it increasingly difficult to fund space exploration that is solely for the advancement of human knowledge and understanding as opposed to commercial return,” says project founder David Iron in his official press release. “The world class team of advisors and supporters we have assembled will address this issue and crucially, anyone from around the world can get involved for as little as a few pounds.”

For your chance to be part of the Lunar Mission One and reserve your digital memory box, head over to the Lunar Mission One Kickstarter Page.


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