Despite the growing number of options for connected note taking and options for sharing analog documents in the Cloud, most team interactions still rely heavily on the mother of all note taking surfaces: the whiteboard.

Although modern smartphone apps are capable of digitizing a meeting’s whiteboard notes in a single snap and uploading them to a specific shared folder in the cloud, the process is a bit clunky and doesn’t always deliver desirable results. Ultimately, what would a “smart” whiteboard experience look like?

Probably a lot like what Kaptivo is offering.

Kaptivo is a new whiteboard accessory that can transform any existing whiteboard surface into a real-time online collaboration and archiving tool. Using an onboard camera, the device is capable of streaming whiteboard activity in real time to remote colleagues while also allowing users to rewind a whiteboard to a particular point in the meeting to see how a detail was developed – such as stages of a design process. Finally, all of the whiteboard history and activity can be saved and distributed through an automated PDF if so desired:

Impressively, the fuss-free Kaptivo works with any size of existing whiteboard up to 6′ x 4′ (1.8m x 1.2m) and can document marks created with existing dry-erase pens – meaning, all that’s needed to get started is the overhanging Kaptivo device itself. As for optimizing the quality of the final images, the Kaptivo team developed patent-pending image processing algorithms for removing hands, distortions, shadows and reflections – as seen in their live demo session:

YouTube video

The resulting live streams can be broadcast via any web browser, or through the dedicated Kaptivo iOS/Android app. For those who are late to the meeting, the app automatically stores key frames in a history for going back in time to see how the board contents changed during a session.

At just $159, it’s not a bad way to automate the otherwise menial process of documenting meetings through notes – especially if your team moves quickly with the whiteboard eraser. Get yours over at Kickstarter.


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