Another WednesDAY, another dollar. Only this time it’s slightly less dough for you to spend OR eat. A fresh can of mold release should be able to help. Shake off the mid-week doldrums by taking a peek inside your favorite and perhaps not-so-favorite gadgets. Grab your toolbox and get inspired!

This week’s entry: Logitech Trackman Wheel

Top Level Components & Sub-Assemblies: 18

  • Most unexpected surprise: Just how intricate the top injection-molded shell was. I’d always hear people complain that Logitech didn’t make a LH version. I figured it’d be a simple matter of mirroring the models and off you go. Looks like a pretty labor-intensive model & mold.
  • Most difficult item to access/dissassemble: The mouse buttons. It was difficult to remove them without deforming any of the plastic snaps/tabs.
  • Unsolved mystery: How many cans of mold release does Logitech go through on a part like this? That, and why do so many people freak out when using this mouse? My 3-year old was able to figure it out in seconds. 🙂

Time-lapse video

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