Whether it be music, movies, documents, or photos of your cat – everyone has something precious they keep as digital data. But let’s be real – that’s a lot of data you have to keep stored. Those photos of your cat alone might not even fit the 1TB hard drive you keep. Keeping backups of your data is usually a smart thing, but not when you have to lug multiple hard drives around like its 2006.

GOSPACE wants to be the only storage drive you have to keep for all your data needs. Among other things, it serves as a storage drive as well as a portable cloud which uploads your data to your Google Drive or Dropbox accounts. The 2.9 x 5.4 x .05-inch block features an SD card slot, a USB-C port, and a USB 3.1 port. Transferring files via any of these slots can reach speeds of up to 10GB/s.

The SD card slot deserves special mention because this is how you upgrade the GOSPACE’s storage capabilities. Depending on your needs, you can store different SD cards to repurpose the drive. One SD card could hold your movies, while the others keep all those indispensable cat photos. And unlike hard drives, storing a couple of interchangeable SD cards saves a lot of physical space and gives the GOSPACE more utility. You can even back up your phones or tablets in it.

Apart from holding your files and uploading them to the cloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox, another of GOSPACE’s features allows it to serve as a WiFi hub which extends your home internet. It won’t turn your home into a glorified internet café, but if your house spans acres of land, this may be an excellent option to get an internet connection on the far side of your router.

Lastly, the GOSPACE also serves as a charger for your mobile devices. It runs on a 5500 MAH internal battery which can be connected to your phone or laptop using cables or Qi wireless charging. The battery is said to last a week when idle and a total of ten hours while in continuous use, but try not to get your hopes that this will remain a constant with continued use.

GOSPACE has already raised $115,431 on Kickstarter—more than five times its initial goal of $20,000.


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