With less than a day left to go, Luna Display from Astro HQ has already shot past their $30,000 Kickstarter campaign goal and is currently sitting at nearly $600,000.

The Luna Display Mini DisplayPort or USB-C dongle, along with a free accompanying app, seamlessly extends a Mac desktop environment to an iPad using an existing Wi-Fi network. While we’ve seen similar ‘air displays’ in the past, Luna Display is the only one capable of making full use of the computer’s graphics card to accelerate the display performance.

Well, just hours to go in their successful Kickstarter campaign, the company has revealed a clever update to their soon-to-be-released product that turns the iPad’s front-facing camera into a contextual button without cluttering up your user interface.

Says Astro HQ:

“While Apple is taking away buttons, we found a way to add one. Meet the Camera Button.”

While it may not be the most revolutionary of concepts, it’s still pretty dang cool to see how developers are still finding clever ways to tap into Apple’s minimal interface design. Find out more over at Luna Display on Kickstarter.


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