While there may be enough endearing puppet shows on the web waves, there are certainly not enough puppet shows that take on the build, hack, solder, crack, spark, squeeze and flow of electronics and circuitry. Adafruit is changing that with a new show airing next year called Circuit Playground. The show is set to premiere March 2013 via Ustream and Google+ tackling topics from robots to making.

Circuit Playground

Adafruit already produces “Show and Tell” and “Ask an Engineer”, but those shows… they don’t have puppets. Aimed at developing young minds, Circuit Playground will be hosted by Limor “Ladyada” Fried, Adafruit’s founder and chief engineer, filled with stories, songs and include the antics of puppet cast members, Cappy the Capacitor, Hans the 555 Timer Chip OH, Billie the Blue LED, Mho the Resistor and other puppet friends.

Limor via Wired:

“We’ll have live feeds in our factory on how things are made. It’s a little Elmo for engineering, a little Mr. Rogers for resistors and a little Sesame Street for Circuits.”

The show complements their (less puppety) Circuit Playground iOS app and product line, with E is for Electronics Coloring book and Circuit Playground plushies. You can also browse their range of projects for young engineers. We highly recommend the OWI Robot kit and the Snap Circuits.

Image: Adafruit


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