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Sometimes you just need to unplug, pack up some snacks, grab the gear, and make for the hills. But just because you want a weekend free of social media and the internet doesn’t mean you can’t be a little tech savvy while sleeping under the stars.

You probably saw our BioLite CookStove review, so you know BioLite develops outdoor gear and energy products that make life outdoors more enjoyable. Well, they’ve announced their next product, launched it on Kickstarter and hit their $75k goal on DAY ONE. The BaseLantern is a hit–a 500 lumen, flat packing LED lantern with enough power to light up your campsite, PLUS create a mini ‘smartgrid’ you can control with your phone.

The BaseLantern looks a bit ordinary, yet it’s anything but. It’s no bigger than an ham & cheese sandwich and comes with its own adjustable pop-up stand. But it’s the specs of the lantern that makes this so cool. The lantern has a 7800 mAh rechargeable li-on battery with a power-delivering burn time of up to 54 hours. The battery doubles as a portable powerbank to charge smart devices like tablets or phones via two USB ports, with two additional custom ports to power BioLite SiteLights for more light coverage.


The BaseLantern also has the ability to be controlled via a Bluetooth LE-connected app. This lets you adjust the lighting to set the mood, change the lantern’s colors, and check the battery status and power to see how much longer the lamp will stay on. The lantern can also act as a motion light with the proximity activation feature. So when you need to take a wee in the middle of the night the lanternturns on and off when it senses your motion. But it’s not only the features that make this lamp different, it’s how light is diffused that makes it truly unique.



Instead of relying air to diffuse light, BioLite uses Edge Lighting, which is the same technology found in fiber optics. The guts of the lamp features high-efficiency LEDs that are shone through a light guide designed with a custom texture of cones. The cones then extract the light across a large flat surface. From there the lantern panels are tightly wrapped around the LEDs and battery inside the BaseLantern. This is how it gives off so much light in such a compact shape.

With over $500,000, the BaseLantern campaign is funded and set to deliver product in October of 2016. It comes in two battery sizes: the aforementioned 7,800 mAh version and a 12,000 mAh version. The larger version is claimed to last anywhere from 7 hours on a highest setting to 114 hours on the lowest setting. Prices start at $99 and include a free pair of BioLite SiteLites.

This is a must have for camp lovers. It not only illuminates a large area, it also eliminates worries about keeping your phone charged and, with its compact shape, it leaves more space for snacks and beer.










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