Right now, everything is in this amazing state of flux. The Apple WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) is kicking off (10AM PST) on the WestCoast and on the East Coast SolidWorks 2009 Beta may be announce (12AM EST). It’s just about more than someone interested in new technology can handle.

These two things are obviously not even related, although I’m sure there are some that wish it was. A couple years ago maybe, when the eDrawings Viewer was announce to be compatible with Macs.

So far, there’s no rumors of anything going on between SolidWorks and Apple. Maybe something about 3D. We’ll see though and I’ll mention it for sure. I can just imagine if Beta was announced that included a beta for Mac. I wouldn’t car to use SolidWorks on a Mac myself, but man, would that ignite some fires.

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Apple News: The 3G Apple iPhone is now available – 8GB/$199 – 16GB/$299
SolidWorks News: The SolidWorks Beta Site is down. Nothing has shown up on the Customer Portal.


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