We’ve seen quite the gamut of keyboards within the past decade ranging from iterations on the same clickity-clack behemoths of yesteryear to the slim, clean and wireless Bluetooth offerings that can enable a user to type from across the room.

More recently, we’ve been seeing various attempts at omitting the keyboard altogether due to an increase in tablet usage and an overall ‘need’ to eliminate as much hardware as possible in an ever-increasing mobile world.

Some of these have taken shape in the form of laser-projection keyboards or even gestural interfaces…yet few have really ‘stuck’ with the people who need them the most as our once-stationary tools have moved up into the Cloud: content creators.


AirType is perhaps the first keyboard-replacement concept that just might have some sort of lasting power worth discussing. What sets it apart from a laser-projection keyboard is that it doesn’t depend on you to hit a specific key via a projection of that key in order for it to work…rather, it learns your typing habits and builds a virtual keyboard around your personal habits.


Additionally, the system isn’t dependent on any particular surface (or any surface at all, for that matter)—it is only reliant on your own personal hand gestures rather than a finger-punch onto an existing surface. If you’ve always wanted to type an email while in bed staring at the ceiling (not that you would, but let’s get extreme here for a second), the AirType is capable of getting those letters and numbers onto your screen without the need for any additional hardware.

Personally, I will always prefer touch-feedback when I’m typing because I have found that in the long run that is how our brains best-process the activity. With that being said, I hate carrying around a keyboard with my iPad. If AirType can get their concept butter-smooth, they’ll be making a lot of people happy.


Check out more on their development schedule and updates over at AirType.io.


Simon is a Brooklyn-based industrial designer and Managing Editor of EVD Media. When he finds the time to design, his focus is on helping startups develop branding and design solutions to realize their product design vision. In addition to his work at Nike and various other clients, he is the main reason anything gets done at EvD Media. He once wrestled an Alaskan alligator buzzard to the ground with his bare hands… to rescue Josh.