So, you just bought a 30″ LCD screen to replace a 24″ LCD screen to replace a 17″ CRT monitor that replaced a slice of bread you stabbed toothpicks at to prove you knew the future of touch screen technology 10 years ago.

You were right, and now there’s a slew of options becoming available that will replace whatever collects fingerprints atop your dusty desktop. Some are being revealed this week at Computex 2010 where MSI is smashing everyone with their line-up, but all are impressive and show just how fast display tech is moving. Here’s five you’ll want to watch.

DuPont Printed 50 inch OLED Screen

Everything I hear about OLED screens make them rock that much harder. They’re flexible, efficient, long lasting, sweet tasting, but then DuPont says, “Let’s PRINT… a 50 inch television… in under two minutes… and make it last 15 years.” done, done and DONE. OLED’s are still pricey, but you can imagine technology like this impacting it… one way or another. Via Technology Review

3M 22 inch, 20 finger Multi-touch Display

It’s a good thing you’re deformed and have 20+ fingers. 3M is thinking about you. Actually, you’ve seen a similar one to this running SpaceClaim. They’ve increased the screen size and added more finger capacity. It’s got a 1680 x 1050 capacitive LCD touch screen with a 6 millisecond touch response and is compatible with Windows 7 and with drivers for Vista, XP and Linux. More at 3M

MSI 24 inch 3D Multi-touch PC

This is a full all-in-one system baby, with ATI Radeon HD 5730, 4 GB of DDR3 memory and a 1TB SATA2 hard drive. It will run Windows 7 to give you that multi-touch interaction and of course sport USB and HDMI inputs. Oh yeah, plus it’s the first 3D multi-touch screen… Shutter glassed included. Possibly releasing July with no set price as of yet. Via Tom’s Hardware

Toshiba’s 8.4 inch Bendable LCD Screen

Right when you think bendable screens are set to be a novelty item for advertisers, Toshiba goes and throws a useful application at it. In the video below, you don’t need any fingers to pinch and zoom your way around Google Maps, all you need are two stiff nubs to bend each side of the screen and… Zoom. It’s LED backlit and a mere .4 mm thick. Via TechOn

MSI 10 inch Wind-Pad Tablet

Here is perhaps the most anticipated news. Something to knock the iPad right outta an uptight hipster’s hands. The little sucker packs a 10-inch, 1024×600 capacitive touch-screen and kicks a 1.66GHz Atom processor on 2GB RAM and a 32GB SSD. And guess what, it’s even got HDMI-out, USB and is webcam ready. But wait, it’s doesn’t run a scaled down OS. You get full blown Windows 7 with this one. Available soon-ish at an undisclosed price. Via SlashGear


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