It looks like something that doesn’t exist except in the movies. Since the Ironman Movie launched last week I’ve been trying to get my hands on some video of the stinkin’ cool 3D holo-CAD user interface he uses to design the MarkIII he goes kickin’ butt in.

If you’ve seen the movie you already know what I’m talking about and are wondering what the heck is taking CAD companies so long to make a system that only traumatized alcoholic millionaires can afford. The best I can do is give you a link to a video of the UI (that might be infringing on copyright laws.)

What do you think?
Is this too far off? Whoever thought of this had some idea of how things are designed and what goes into the process of how CAD systems work. You can see Tony Stark interacting with the holographic objects – moving, exploding, rotating, touching and testing out the design with his hands. Some would say it’s unrealistic. Where’s the history? the parametrics? where’s the commands? Maybe it will be none of those things or maybe it’s something cooler. The way technology looked on star trek isn’t exactly the way it looks today ya know.


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