emotive-epoch-3d.jpgWait till you wrap your head around this… or rather warp this around your head.

Emotiv Systems is preparing to launch the Emotiv Epoc. A wireless device that senses brain activity and allows you to interact with an interface.

“The $299 headset has a gyroscope to detect movement and has wireless capabilities to communicate with a USB dongle plugged into a computer.

The Emotiv said the headset could detects more than 30 different expressions, emotions and actions.”

The headset is being developed initially for gaming consoles (of course) but theres not much imagination needed to see how this could influence interaction online and in the realm of 3D CAD. To bring back a painful piece of technology, it’s like the circa 1989 Power Glove for your head. I’m sure it works much better… and so stylish too.


Source BBC Tech News


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