Prepare to wrap yourself in some warm flexible display technology on a cold wintry night. The news is getting more common and the screens themselves are getting larger.

Gamers and advertising is getting all excited about being able to wrap ‘experience’ in every corner of a room or building, but how it could effect 3D CAD and PLM could go beyond ‘the experience’ of creating product design to creating a more collaborative environment.

What are the applications? Are there any?

They’re Coming
This week HP and ASU release their joint intro into flexible screen technology. A pliable, high-strength film that can be mass produced with a unique print technology called self-aligned imprint lithography (SAIL).

SAIL works by forming thin-film transistor electronics on a flexible substrate that is coated using a roll-to-roll process with all of the thin films required for the devices.HP

What could be 3D CAD applications?
You could get pretty creative with all the possibilities. How do you think flexible screen technology will affect 3D CAD / PLM?

  • Larger, cheaper displays?
  • Design Overlays?
  • Wrap-around wall displays?
  • Multi-depth displays?
  • Flexible Multi-touch sensory material?
  • Others???

Flexible Screen Conversations from Twitter
I also asked everyone on Twitter…

question for CAD peeps: how do you think flexible screen technology will affect 3D CAD / PLM?

behnt says:

@solidsmack Less smashed screens in the shops more scrached screens that you cant look at… That is how the flex screens will change things

@behnt i picture a shop guy with a device that prints a plug and play screen. printing digital paper to do layouts on in the shop.

@solidsmack wrap around screens dude.. wanting that.. NOW

@alistardean i sit in a corner would be AWESOME to have multiscreens on different faces or curve from one to the other.

@alistardean how bout a screen that stretches across the office that you can ‘push’ content to others. visual data transfer.

@solidsmack I can’t imagine it would change the CAD world much, still doing 3d design on a screen regardless of how you bend it…

@nefariousjives good point. 3d design needs a 3d environment.flex screens could open up workspace, mybe improve efficiency w/ larger screen

Marijn1 says:

@solidsmack I can throw something at it when my pc crashes without breaking it.

cserran says:

@solidsmack welders burning through screens on the shop floor

cserran says:

@solidsmack however, security features could be made to blank the screen if it leaves the production site

@cserran two very cool points. those welders.. always burnin’ stuff they shouldn’t. ahy.

More geeky info on self-aligned imprint lithography (SAIL) technology here
BusinessWire via Engadget


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